The MZ Foundation is a San Antonio-based non-profit organization dedicated to providing college scholarships and cancer-related funds to individuals and charitable organizations in and around South Texas. It is a tribute to the legacy of Marty Zolkoski, a man who embodied a spirit of great love, compassion, honor, and humility.

The Foundation was established by the founders of BlackBrush Oil and Gas, Scott Martin and Phil Mezey, to honor and continue Marty Zolkoski’s philanthropic vision of supporting his community by providing funds to people in and around South Texas. It is administered through an independent Board of Directors comprised of Marty’s friends and former co-workers at BlackBrush Oil & Gas, LP in San Antonio, Texas.

The legacy of the Marty Zolkoski thrives in the community through the MZ Foundation. This foundation was established ten years ago as tribute to a man who exemplified great love, compassion, honor and humility. While Marty is no longer with us, his legacy and memory live on through his family and friends as well as through the MZ Foundation which provides scholarships to South Texas high school and college students so that they can pursue their dreams.
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